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In our early years, Solaris Energy and our non-profit partner, The Atmosphere Conservancy, focused on providing our services to low-cost solar energy systems serving organizations that are the backbones of communities across the country – schools, churches, municipalities, and non-profit organizations. To increase the speed to transition to our vision of a clean, renewable energy future, we took this same expertise to provide solar solutions to commercial, industrial and utility clients too. We now provide financing, development, and asset management services to clients in a variety of sectors across the nation by partnering with trustworthy engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies and smart, forward-thinking investors. Our customers save money on energy costs while improving the environment, have more money to serve community needs and build companies, while our investors typically receive consistent, stable returns. Our experienced team makes building a solar project easy with our efficient in-house financing options, development and asset management services, and mission-based impact commitment.


Solaris leverages business opportunities and merges carbon reduction strategies for non-profit organizations and growing businesses to improve their economic and community impact, lower their carbon footprint, and achieve their goals.


Solaris seeks to benefit communities around the country economically, socially, and environmentally via the development of renewable energy systems and technologies for non-profit entities and impact conscience companies.


With the installation of solar energy systems, Solaris helps prevent thousands of tons of carbon from being released into our atmosphere. The growing renewables industry positions Solaris as a valuable partner for non-profits and businesses to invest in a brighter future.

Our Team

Alex Blackmer Chief Executive Officer

Alex has been providing solar project development and finance services for low income and nonprofit organizations throughout Colorado since 2008. He is CEO of Solaris Energy and Executive Director of The Atmosphere Conservancy, which work together to combine the strengths of a non-profit and for-profit to open the solar market to both for-profit and non-profit customers. In the past two years he has raised over $5 million in private investment capital for solar projects in seven states. He is past President of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, a grass roots advocacy and educational group which has been promoting renewable energy in Colorado since 1994. He lives with his wife in an off grid solar and wind powered model home that he designed and built with his construction company, Enersol Design & Construction, in the mid 90's.

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Jessica Rawley Chief Financial Officer

Jes is a Financial and Business Operations professional with 15 years’ experience in start-ups, social enterprise, small business, and non-profits. Her expertise is in financial and business planning, legal and risk management, systems and process implementation, accounting, and general business operations. Jes focuses on building and capitalizing impact-driven companies. Prior to joining Solaris Energy, Jes served as the Finance and Operations Director for SourceOne Holdings, guiding the company through all the financial, operational, and legal aspects of building a new company. Before working in the private sector, she created educational programs and coached startup entrepreneurs on building businesses while managing a community co-working space and the CSU Entrepreneurship Center. Jes began her career in Fund Development with Habitat for Humanity and Small Business Development in the Peace Corps, and received her MBA in Social Enterprise in 2011 where she co-founded a renewable energy company.

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Nick Perugini VP, Partners and Projects

Nick specializes in non-residential project sourcing, analysis, development, and structured finance, while building strategic partnership alliances. He contributes a diverse background and passion for solar and energy efficiency (since 2008) built upon a lengthy business to business professional career. He has lead efforts in over 175 operational solar projects in ten states, encompassing nearly 16MW. Nick is the Board Chair of the Colorado Solar and Storage Association (COSSA), the solar and storage trade organizion in Colorado. He is also the former president of New Energy Colorado (NECO) an educational non-profit that manages the Metro Denver Green Homes Tour and Solar CitiSuns. He has lived in Broomfield, CO since 1996 and enjoys fishing & adventures with his two college aged kids. When asked, you might hear him say, "I've found my calling in solar."

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Hunter Edberg Project Development Associate

Hunter's experience in the solar industry has ranged all the way from installing 5 MW tracking arrays in Minnesota to getting his Master's of Environmental Management degree in Colorado while co-leading Solarize Gunnison County. He's taken a number of classes with Solar Energy International, was a co-author on an energy study of municipalities in Colorado, built a solar powered ice fishing trailer for Bemidji State University, and helped establish Clean Energy Financing districts in Northern Minnesota. When he's not working on solar projects, you'll find him out hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors of the Colorado Rockies.

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Nick Francis Project Development Specialist

Nick has worked in community development for over ten years serving as the Executive Director of a community development corporation outside of Washington DC and as an Economic Development Specialist for a nonprofit in Arizona. In 2015, he completed a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Solutions from the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. He has since worked on air pollution projects in Detroit and climate action initiatives in Northern Colorado.

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Adam Burke Asset Manager

Adam has worked in the installation and service side of the solar industry for over 10 years. Having installed over 500 total PV systems in both the residential and commercial space, Adam brings an experienced insight into problem solving a wide variety of PV production issues that may arise during the lifetime of a PV system. Having the experience of both Installation and Service Manager for a local solar installation company, Adam enjoys communicating with EPC's to get site issues fixed in a timely manner. Having been born and raised in Colorado, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys outdoors and in the mountains as much as possible. You will also find him enjoying a round of golf on the weekends with close friends, all while keeping a close eye on his Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, and Avalanche.

Katie Ferguson Assistant Asset Manager, Cloud Operations Manager

Katie is an Environmental Engineering student at Front Range Community College. Her passion for mitigating climate change and educating the public about the environment is what brought her to the renewable energy field. She has experience in the solar industry since 2013, specializing in sales and communications. With her degree, Katie hopes to be on the front lines of sustainable systems development and to monetize solar product recycling and grid integration. Additionally, you can find Katie enjoying her hobbies, which include climbing, backpacking, slacklining, and skiing.

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Jeff Kodish General Council

Jeff Kodish has represented businesses, governments and citizen groups since graduating from the University of Oregon School of Law in 1990. He met the Solaris team when he volunteered to develop a small solar project for his synagogue in Boulder, Colorado, and was inspired by their work to help non-profits and municipal governments go solar. He has been the part-time General Counsel for Solaris since May of 2019, providing legal advice on a wide range of solar development and general business issues.

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Solaris Energy is currently fully staffed, however, we are always looking for smart, dedicated, experienced, and fun people to join our team. If you think you fit the bill, please contact us via info@SolarisEnergy.com.

Thank you!

Our Sister Non-Profit

The Atmosphere Conservancy is our 501(c)(3) non-profit partner that helps develop community-based renewable energy projects for non-profit organizations, schools and faith based organizations nationwide. With the help of community members, donors and partners, The Atmosphere Conservancy is able to leverage financial resources to build solar projects for our non-profit clients. Through these solar energy projects, The Atmosphere Conservancy is merging the environmental impact of clean energy with the economic impact of cost savings for non-profits, allowing them to spend more money on their mission and service to the community. The Atmosphere Conservancy is committed to bringing clean energy to communities throughout the country, providing economic, social and environmental impacts. The mission of The Atmosphere Conservancy informs all that we do at Solaris Energy, pushing us to achieve excellent performance on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

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