Over the last decade, our team has worked closely with project developers, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) companies, and system maintenance experts across the country to build, finance, and manage solar projects . We will finance smaller systems that don’t interest other developers as well as larger projects that need an experienced team to bring them across the finish line. With the demand for clean and inexpensive energy growing exponentially, we will continue to forge partnerships and connections to help meet the demand for flexible and efficient finance packages for projects of all sizes.


How we work

If you have a project that needs a finance partner, contact us and we will send you a project intake form. That will give us the information we need to enter your project into our database and begin to determine how best to meet the needs of all parties involved. We pride ourselves in crafting creative solutions to tough financing problems, and have a team that will work with you one on one to meet the needs of your particular project. We know the solar industry intimately, understand how complicated developing solar projects can be, and have the expertise to bring even the most complicated solar project to fruition.

Our diverse financing options include power purchase agreements, tax credit financing, and project loans. Our experienced, hands-on team can provide advisory services at any point in the development process, including anything from a turnkey project build out to contract negotiation and execution. We also continue our involvement as asset managers, both for the projects we own and projects owned by others. Our dedication to performance monitoring and system maintenance ensures continued energy production and satisfaction for our clients.

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